New Hope Kids! Is the name of our Children’s Teaching Ministry! We include Preschool to K for our Son Power Kids and 1st – 5th grade learn about God in Impact Kids.  Our Jr. High students work out of the youth in Revolution.  We meet Sunday mornings during the 10:48 Service. Our Kids start out by going to their age appropriate classrooms to be greeted and loved on by our Adult leaders, then it is off to have some Large group time where we will all learn the lesson for the week, sing some awesome worship songs, and even play a game or two, all the time learning, listening and loving one another!

New Hope Kids are encouraged to learn a simple Bible verse each month that goes with the main theme, they can earn tokens for learning this verse and for bringing their Bible’s…we love having your Kids come each week so much, they get a token just for participating! These coins can be saved up to turn in for cool prizes or given back to God as a special offering to help others! We have already purchased some chickens and a goat through Compassion International! Way to go New Hope Kids! 

Please email Trisha Szatowski for more information about Impact Kids and SonPower Kids. For information on Revolution email Tara Crawford.