Jeff and Abby Hunt are New Hope Missionaries who were called to meet the needs of the overlooked and hurting children of South Africa with Engage Africa. Many of the children in this area are neglected, abandoned and dying as a result of the AIDS epidemic in the country. They are currently serving in Rustenburg, which is the fasting growing city in South Africa that produces a majority of the world’s platinum. Yet, this area is still home to some of poorest people who can afford adequate housing.

Jeff and Abby would  like to establish “forever families” for children between the ages of 4 and 12 who are orphaned or infected with AIDS and lack proper care. They are also working hard at building Christian schools where children will not be turned away because of lack of finances. They want children to get a quality education, learn about their history and culture and gain a strong Christian foundation.

Please keep Jeff and Abby in your prayers as they continue to work and reach their goals. Pray for the financial healthy and favor of their ministry as well as the safety and healthy of the children they come in contact with as they try to find “forever families.”


To learn more about Jeff and Abby Hunt and their mission check out Engage Africa.

We have recently sent another of our very own to be with Jeff & Abby Hunt. Ali Jungquist has taken a step of great courage and is currently serving in Africa with the Engage Africa team. To read more about her experience’s and to keep up with what she’s doing check out her blog.

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