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Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor

Position Description




The Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor serves as the executive/confidential/trusted assistant to the Senior Pastor of New Hope Church.  She/he provides high level support to the Senior Pastor in a wide range of activities in the performance of his administrative and ministerial responsibilities, while interacting with staff, congregational members and the community.  Other general administrative duties are also involved.  It is essential to have a cheerful, pleasant and caring Christ-like spirit.  A good sense of humor and the ability to effectively work with a wide spectrum of people will be assets.  The full-time position reports to the Senior Pastor and supervises the office receptionist.




  1. A. Receives and directs telephone calls and emails to the senior pastor’s office.
  2. Answers telephone calls directed to the pastors and screens calls as appropriate.
  3. Serves as gatekeeper to the senior pastor, while ensuring people are helped/served in a             friendly and Christ-centered manner.
  4. Reviews and prioritizes telephone messages for the senior pastor.
  5. Makes telephone calls for the senior pastor, as directed.


  1. Maintains senior pastor’s appointment calendar, as needed
  2. Makes appointments for the senior pastor, while redirecting those appointments that             can be appropriately handled by another staff member.
  3. Enters meetings, conferences, society and community engagements, and church-wide             activities onto the calendar at the senior pastor’s request.
  4. Provides the senior pastor with updated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars.


  1. Assists with meeting preparation
  2. Aids in preparation for meetings and events through the production of documents,             handouts, reports, ordered meals, reminders, etc as requested by the senior pastor.
  3. Records meeting minutes, when requested, and assists in ensuring meetings proceed in             a professional and timely manner.


  1. Maintains the senior pastor’s files
  2. Maintains various types of files and databases for the senior pastor and church.
  3. Works with needed writing assignments.


  1. Performs administrative duties for the senior pastor and church
  2. Reviews and/or drafts the senior pastor’s correspondence and answers mail and/or             composes letters, as directed.
  3. Prepares ministry and church-related correspondence, reports, minutes, etc.
  4. Be responsible for heavy calendar management and coordination, requiring interaction             with persons both internal and external to New Hope Church and the senior pastor.
  5. Performs HR functions including staff timecard records, setting up evaluation schedule, on-             going administrative oversight.



  1. Bookkeeping Oversight (may be in tandem with an accounting firm)
  2. Bookkeeping experience with QuickBooks.
  3. Review of church financial statements and budgeting.
  4. Review and payment of invoices.


  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Takes initiative for new and special projects, as requested the by the senior pastor.
  3. Represents the senior pastor in dealing with members of the congregation, churches,             and the community at large, as required.
  4. Serves as the church’s principal administrative supply coordinator. Orders, maintains                               and distributes all administrative supplies.  Ensures adequate supplies are on hand.
  5. Undertake some responsibilities and duties related to the church’s financial operations.
  6. Consults with ministry leaders to identify/define leaders’ needs and requirements             relative to space needs in the church.
  7. Occasional work on Saturdays/Sundays required.




  1. Education/Experience
  2. High School Diploma is the minimum required, with some college education preferred.
  3. Must be experienced in handling a wide range of administrative, sometimes clerical,             and executive support related tasks and able to work independently with little                                               supervision.

3.Must have strong writing and verbal communication skills, strong decision-making                                     ability and attention to detail are equally important, with the ability to review                                                 correspondence for procedural and grammatical accuracy, conformance with policy/                                    practices and factual correctness.

  1. Must have effective time-management skills.
  2. Must possess a working knowledge of stand office equipment, including copiers,             phone, calculators and fax machines.
  3. Must demonstrate strong working knowledge of computers and proficiency in software             programs, including Microsoft Office applications, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access,                             Publisher, Excel, QuickBooks, database systems, and use of the Internet.
  4. Must possess efficient, caring and discerning telephone skills.
  5. Must have a heart for the ministry of New Hope Church and the people of this church                             family.
  6. Must possess the desire to aid the senior pastor in fulfilling his responsibilities and             lighten his load whenever possible.
  7. Must demonstrate an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ and be or become a             member of New Hope Church.


  1. Important skills/personal traits needed by the senior pastor’s assistant
  2. Maintains confidentiality and trust in all situations.
  3. The gift of hospitality and tact.
  4. Possesses a helpful, cheerful, diplomatic and caring servant attitude to all.
  5. Punctual and dependable. Be well organized, flexible and adaptable, and enjoy the                                  administrative challenges of supporting the Senior Pastor and church in the daily                                           performance of duties and functions.
  6. Review correspondence for procedural and grammatical accuracy, conformance with             policy and factual correctness.
  7. Ability to prioritize and multi-task projects and assignments, using good time             management skills in a fast-paced environment, sometimes under pressure, remaining                                   flexible, proactive resourceful and efficient, with a high level of professionalism and                                   confidentiality is crucial to this role.


New Hope Church is an equal opportunity employer.


To apply, please send Resume and Cover letter with the application form to Nancy New Hope Church 686 Aulerich Road  East Tawas, MI 48743, ATTN Nancy Bodenner.



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