It’s finally here… and your New Hope Church team has been ramping up for this Special Outreach. It’s a massive year-end celebration of God’s impact on families through New Hope because of YOU and so many others.

When you say “Yes” to kids in “Walls of Hope” with a generous year end gift or financial pledge, you will make an impact now and for many years to come.  You will allow many more children in need of Hope and encouragement to hear the Message of Jesus. “Walls of Hope” is a 2 year effort to raise $100,000 to prepare the New Hope Kids Center for the wave of children and students that are attending.

Improvements include:

  • Redesigned Layout for Expanded Needs
  • Heating and Cooling Units
  • Security Systems
  • Dedicated Communication Between Worship Center and Kids Center
  • Much More!
It is because of investments from New Hope friends like you that together we will…
“Build a place to grow and protect New Hope Kids.”
  1. Pray! Not just for the finances to be raised but also for the little lives that will be impacted.
  2. Pledge. Make your One-time, Annual, or Monthly pledge of support for the 2 year project.
  3. Give Now.  With year-end giving, it’s a perfect time to make your investment in New Hope Kids.

You can make your Faith Promise by filling out the form below, or indicate your intentions on a Giving Envelope during Sunday worship.

Thank you for bringing Hope to future generations,


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Annual Pledge Amount
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