Teen 360 TSHIRT 2010

Teen 360

New Hope’s youth ministry reaches students in 6th – 12th grade.  We are excited to teach our students about God’s love for them and help them develop a deeper faith.  We are striving to encourage students to pray, learn the relevance of the Bible in today’s world, and to live a life focused on loving others.  The youth group meets on a weekly basis with additional break out groups for students with special interests.  We attend concerts, sporting events, and a variety of retreats and summer camps.  Our students also take part in a variety of service opportunities.

Currently Meeting every Sunday @ 6pm in the New Hope Youth Room

His Canvas (2)

His Canvas meets Wednesdays after school until 5 pm at the NEW CHURCH.

A Worship in Session.  In 2010, students from the Tawas New Hope Teen 360 set out on a mission!  The mission was simple:  create a band that would allow teens to bring the message of Jesus Christ, using praise and worship music, to their church and community.  In 2013, they took it a step further.  After successful praise and worship nights, the group has now set their sights on reaching out to those outside of their community.  They have set their sights on changing the world in the name of Jesus.  His Canvas was born!

fitness-group2 Fitness NightsTired of being cooped up in your house? Tired of having no energy? Ready to get your blood pumping? Join Adam Davis, every Monday, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm  for Youth Fitness Night! Fitness night will continue every Monday.This is a super fun way to stay fit and healthy until summer shows up. What if you’re not a teen? Come on out! This could also be a great opportunity for the younger generation to mingle and have fun with the seasoned people of New Hope.Contact Adam Davis, the youth director, for more details – 989-329-8076.